četvrtak, 25. travnja 2013.

We are Junior winner for the first time

 Last weekend we went to CAC Rovinj for our third Dog show. Istra is always a fun to visit, good food, beautiful scenery... The wather was not so fine. This was our first dog show in open, much better than the in door ones,   but there was a lot of wind. The sky  looked like it was going to rain any second but fortunatelly it did not untill the show was over. Anyway, we had a great time, gathering with our friends, two legged and four legged ones :-)

Preparing for the ring..

Facing the judge..


Friendly support..

 Gioia is waiting for the word from the judge


Third time's a charm, indeed!!!  Nia has become Junior winner for the first time. Congrats Nia!

 A little stop on the way home at Fuzine, Gorski Kotar

ponedjeljak, 15. travnja 2013.

Spring at last!

After so much rainy days we can finally enjoy in a nice, warm weather. Gioia was very pretty after grooming today, so we took some portrait shots.

And took a walk on the beach..


Yes, I am a show dog, but let me be now!


On the road again

On Austrian highway, first week of April... snow

Hihgway restaurant

Overlooking the Danube river, great view but foggy and cloudy this time :-)  

On Dog show in Wieselburg, Austria

utorak, 2. travnja 2013.

Happy birthday Nia!

Yesterday was Nia's first birthday!

First, she had to look pretty on a birthday..

And have a lot of flowers..

What is a birthday without friends..

And a cake!

Happy birthday Nia and many, many happy returns of the day!!!

četvrtak, 7. ožujka 2013.

And now..

       Nia is nearly 1 year old. She grew into a real beauty, nicely shaped, firm body, good hair.

 So we decided to go to a dog show with her. We love Graz so it seemed to be a good place for her first exhibition (and mine as her handler). The appplication process went smoothly over the internet. The excitement about competeing for the first time in a dog show grew day after day untill we finally set to go. It was  Saturday the 2nd of March, one day before the show. We packed all the brushes, shampoo, hair dryer, box for dogs, chairs for us and passports for all 4 of us. And the dogs of course.. First thing we did after checking into a hotel was going for a nice, cold Austrian beer. The whole city center was full of show dogs and their owners.

Next morning was a very busy one. Getting up early in the morning, shampooing, drying and brushing the dogs (Gioia was not competeing but she had to look nice, right?) and rushing to the place of the show. Coming to our destination we noticed that people around us were better organised with their stuff. It gave us plenty of ideas for the next time. After we found our ring ( No.13 by the way :-)) and settled, we relaxed a little bit and started preparing for our turn.

When it finally came, we were calm. After all, it should be fun for all of us! We did a nice walk in the ring, it turned out better than I excpected. The judge gave her an excellent mark even she did not continue the competition. We were happy  with a job done.

At the end of the show we took the opportunity to have their portraits shot. That was fun! It felt like the two of them were a movie stars or something! 

Our conlusion was that the indoor shows are less attractive than the outdoor ones. But this was our first show as competitors and hopefully not the last one because we will come back!!  And yes, we have already made plans for the next one.. And we LOVE Graz!

srijeda, 6. ožujka 2013.

The beggining of times..

      The story goes like this: In May 2012 little Nia, a two months old black Mini Schnauzer, came to our home and into our hearts where we had already had Gioia, a pepper-and-salt Mini Schnauzer, 2 years and 11 months old at that time. And our lives have changed once again...Welcome to their blog!

Since then, we've had fun, joy and hapiness! We have also learned that the character of black Mini Schnautzer differs from that of salt and pepper. To our surprise, she behaved quite opposite to Gioia who was calm, timid, quiet and restrained towards other people. This one was larger than life and so funny! And full of love...So the storry continues...